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All the cool kids were doing it, so I thought, why not? It's not enough to make me a cool kid though. Happy 14th Deviantart!

It all started in late 2003. I was on Neopets one day, when my friend :iconcrimsuhn: told me about this neat art site called Deviantart. I was even worse with computers back then than I am now (which may seem humanly impossible) but I managed to slowly learn how to submit pictures. It took me much longer to figure out how to resize art though.

My username, which was first used on Neopets, is from a random number generator that combined my favorite name, favorite animal and favorite colour.

My first submitted picture was a watercolour of Hannah from Neopets.

Hannah by kitfox-crimson

At this time, I was a very reclusive teenager who drew endless comics and showed them to nobody. I was mainly a quad and human artist, but the general vibe of DA back then lead me down the path of the furry, and my life would be forever changed. As well as neopets, my first art was mainly anthro-ised versions of my existing comic characters, and the covers I had drawn for these comics.

'crossovers plus' front cover by kitfox-crimson

As one is want to do in the early days, I drew lots of gifts for artists I found, working mainly in watercolour. This was a pic I did for :iconsugar-cat-candy: in late 2003, the girl I would later talk to on MSN, fall in love with, move in with and then marry. ^__^

Sugar cat candy by kitfox-crimson

Also in late 2003 I began my first fully anthro comic, Stolen Generation. Although the art is god awful I still consider it probably my best story. It spun 425 pages and took me two years to complete.

Stolen generation comic page 1 by kitfox-crimson
It was about this time that Crimson became my fursona. He existed as a regular fox long before this (he was basically an Animals of Farthing Wood fancharacter) but became anthro and gained purple eyes. Back then he was a pinkish red colour. Steele also looked considerably different back then.

Mug shots 1 by kitfox-crimson

Here is a pic I did for reaching 2000 pageviews. Such an exciting day ^__^ That's me with :iconserenah:, a friend of mine since way back and who also featured in Stolen Generation and its sequel.

happy dance by kitfox-crimson

I started to do some short comic style art around this time. This is before I was going out with :iconsugar-cat-candy: and after my first girlfriend :iconcassandrajames: had moved away to the mainland. I went through a period of dating and whatever that didn't end up being good for anything except comedic rubbish.

Freeze-dried romance by kitfox-crimson

This is my first recorded digital art. As you can see it is fucking amazing. It's a colab between me and :iconjennama:

Jen and me colab by kitfox-crimson

As you can see, I was a Brony before it was cool

Silverstreak da pony by kitfox-crimson

The introduction of my new character, Daniel. I have to draw that guy more often.

Daniel by kitfox-crimson

This is my first ever art piece using the open canvas shape tool to colour and shade. This was a phenomenal breakthrough that would change the way I coloured forever.

fifteen minute test scribble by kitfox-crimson

Sugar and I got together around about this time, although she still lived in Queensland. In fact, we first confessed our love to each other in an Open Canvas colab, but that picture is only on our joint account that we made around this time... that I don't remember the password to.

Happy Valentines day by kitfox-crimson

Oh this is a kind of interesting one. I keep meaning to extend this. Kitfox is waaay different now.

The progression of the Kit by kitfox-crimson

I got back into Neopets briefly.

neopet wtf? by kitfox-crimson

This is also when I was studying to become a Teacher. On my first teaching jobs at University, I was very enthusiastic. Students would ask me to draw them and I always did. I wouldn't even dream of doing that anymore.

Human Oh Em Gee by kitfox-crimson

During this year, I had split up with Sugar, and was currently going out with Siobhan who is the blue character in this pic. The grey cat is Moonlit, my sister's character. Here we can see Crimson with hair for the first time.

MAN pocky by kitfox-crimson

I was playing Gaia online too, and there are many commissions from people in this part of my gallery.

gaia commission 3 by kitfox-crimson

It was ths year that I got my one and only Daily Deviation on Deviantart.

Ebony eyes by kitfox-crimson

I was playing Warhammer 40,000 in a lot of tournaments (Just for the painting awards really) and did some art to go along with it.

Saim Hann Eldar Jetbike by kitfox-crimson

During my teaching degree, I became a bit of an insane party animal with the guys I was hanging around with at the time. Gotta do it at some point in your life I guess. A lot of the art that year revolved around our questionable exploits.

yet another saturday night by kitfox-crimson

2006 was when my digital art started to pick up the pace. This is my picture with the most favorites, for some reason.

Samurai Pizza Cats by kitfox-crimson

And this was also the beginning of my next major comic, the first ever in colour, Restored Generation. Oh god look at this piece of crap. It took me twice as long as SG to finish this, even though it was half the length. I wouldn't get the courage up to do another large colour comic until Legacy. While taking regular hiatus from RG, I did many other comics such as Witch Hunter - Slayer, Divergent History, Teacher, The Steele and Daniel show, and others.

Restored Generation page 1 by kitfox-crimson

I think this is my first ever commission. It was for :iconjazzfox:

Commission for Jazzfox by kitfox-crimson

I thought I'd put this here because the character Vincent is my template for all the human lead characters I use, notably Kitfox. The other reason is because of that Red Shadowfox. I made up those colours but I recently bought the Firefox Masterpiece Zoid that looks nearly exactly like it! I'll have to put that together later this evening.

Zoids fancharacter Vincent by kitfox-crimson

I first started experimenting with markers this year, too. This pic includes Siobhan (Kiki) and :iconcarnival:

Team Unreliable by kitfox-crimson

I started posting pictures of the fimo models I make. I had been making them since elementary school, but here is the first one I uploaded pics of.

RG models 1 Seth by kitfox-crimson

At this time G and I had gotten back together and had moved into a unit in Launceston together. She worked on Saturdays, so after dropping her off at work I went to the park to read Redwall books. There is some art of those carefree days.

Marlfox by kitfox-crimson

In 2008 I entered the Steel Nation comic battle tournament with Vincent and his mech, the Psuedo. I was lucky enough to win that and it's all in my gallery if you wanted to see it ^__^

Steel Nation audition page 2 by kitfox-crimson

Bit of a Digimon stint after that. Here is me and my sis with two of our own made up digimon. It took ages to get the background to look like the season 1 show.

Digimon by kitfox-crimson

I'd often come back to Warhammer, and my beloved real media. Paint this time.

Lizardman vs Skaven by kitfox-crimson

I printed my first ever book after that. I went through an actual printing company in my city. Ran off a whole ton of copies, and managed to sell them all, which was cool ^^

SG paperback pre-order by kitfox-crimson

In late 2009 I wanted to do a comic that was my very best work. That was the short comic Second Coming, and the comic I use as a benchmark for future stuff.

Second Coming page 14 by kitfox-crimson

2010 saw the release of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver; at the time the best games that had ever come out, in my opinion. I had recently moved cities and my new school was a hard place to work in. After a near menal breakdown, I went part time. I celebrated the extra free time by doing some paintings like this, with some new paints I had just bought. This is my first Pokemon pic on DA.

Pokermanz by kitfox-crimson

Mood board I did back in 2010, if you were interested.

Influences Meme by kitfox-crimson

2010 was a time of many, many commissions. I was looking for excuses to not draw RG, mainly. I no longer do commissions, but around this time in my gallery, there were hundreds of them.

Commission 2 for Michael09 by kitfox-crimson

Oh and ZOIDS legacy, hell yes.

Zoids Legacy by kitfox-crimson

Restored Generation wrapped up and I decided I would go back to black and white comics, to make sure my enthusiasm stayed high. I began my next big work, Industrial Revelations. This comic set the style that I would later use for my Nuzlocke comics.

Industrial Revelations preview by kitfox-crimson

Ironically, around this time I also became very interested in lighting. I decided to use it whenever I could in interesting ways. I try to do that in the coloured Nuzlocke pages as well as Legacy.

Ripht for Taicon by kitfox-crimson

That year I was lucky enough to be the artist for the Midfur furry convention in Melbourne. I did all the art for the convention book, and I was required to do something I hadn't done before: chibi's. These first few are a bit wonky, but I later got the hang of it and it turned out to be pretty fun! I did many chibi's after that.... and actually I think it affected my overall style greatly.

Midfur chibi's set three by kitfox-crimson

Remember those paints I mentioned? This years Christmas saw me do a lot of paintings for people. This is the beach outside where I grew up and not far from where my house is now. It was for my dad.

Christmas picture for my Dad by kitfox-crimson

Just an example of how my modelling had progressed since 2008

Ozy and Millie by kitfox-crimson

Me and my friend Reese were way into this tabletop game called Infinity. Here are some pics of the mini's I painted for it.

Infinity miniatures Part 1 by kitfox-crimson

And of course, this was when my life changed, FOREVER! A student from my old school told me about some new way to play Pokemon, the Nuzlocke challenge. I looked up a few comics and decided I would give it a try myself.

At first I tried to do the line art digitally, like most people seemed to do. After failing absymally, I decided to do it real media, like I do everything.

Kit's Nuzlocke adventure 1 by kitfox-crimson

I didn't put the full page there because it would take up half the journal. But needless to say, drawing Nuzlocke comics would motivate me more than anything had previously done. It was the first time I had really done a light-hearted comic like this. Before, most of my stuff had been very serious. It was refreshing, fun, easy to draw, and very rewarding. I don't normally play video games, but when I can share it with the rest of the world, I get right into it. Industrial Revelations went on haiatus while I did my first run, Sapphire.

I finished up Industrial Revalations, and went immediately into a Platinum Nuzlocke.
Blast Burn by kitfox-crimson

Also here, G and I unleashed our inner toddlers and started playing and drawing about Skylanders. 
Skylanders by kitfox-crimson

More lighting practice from 2012. One of the latest pictures of Kitfox, you can see how drastically he has changed since the early days. Basically a whole different character.

and now you know by kitfox-crimson

I did a bunch of Pokemon memes. So shameful but so fun.

Overly manly sandslash 2 by kitfox-crimson

Just in terms of my furry and standard colouring style, here is how it looked around 2012.

Elijah by kitfox-crimson

I still couldn't get enough nuzlocking, so started a Black and Black 2 Nuzlocke. And then a calendar. These two ventures in particular saw me do a lot more experimenting with lighting and colour.

What's all this then? by kitfox-crimson

After the three Nuzlockes I was going to call it quits. I figured I'd left my mark and would move on to other things. I began my next huge original comic, Legacy. Failing to heed the lessons I had learned from Restored Generation, this too is full colour. I want it to be my most accessable work, and hopefully I can maintain momentum on it.

Legacy page 1 by kitfox-crimson

About thirty pages into Legacy I was feeling the Nuzlocke itch again. I wanted to do another one, but at the same time, I was already doing a comic and I really didn't know what I could add after the very difinitive finale of the Black 2 run.

But, ever the compromiser, I decided to start a very casual Soul Silver comic on the side, alternating between that and pages of Legacy. It's worked out pretty well so far. I just do which ever I feel like at the time.

Earlier this year I did a crossover comic with My Little Pony and Transformers. Drawing in those styles was fun, and the colouring was almost a throwback to my first digital colouring that was stupidly bright.

Transformers vs My Little Pony page 13 by kitfox-crimson

It's kind of odd. I tend to think my art has sort of stagnated and not changed much in 11 years, but when I go back and look at the old stuff, especially the god did it use to be so much worse! It just goes to show that doing something endlessly, over and over again, does have its merits!

I might add a bit more to this later, but I am afraid this journal won't upload properly for some reason and it's freaking me out. I gotta get it up there!

So that is basically my incredibly long DA journey so far. I left a lot out of course, but it has been very fun taking this trip down memory lane.

If you got this far, conglaturation and happy tidings! See you on the flint lock!



Something about myself

Current Residence: My house
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic Metal
MP3 player of choice: Soundwave
Favourite cartoon character: Dreamer from the animals of farthing wood

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OyopsOfPoyo2013 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Yo Kit! Think fast!
Altaria or Crobat?
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
crobat of course
Kodimarto Featured By Owner 3 days ago   Filmographer
Hey, dude, I was just passing through and I was just curious, how did you find Transformers Age of Extinction to be?
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Kodimarto Featured By Owner 3 days ago   Filmographer
O.O How's that? It's got Optimus turning into his old 80s truck form, John Goodman voicing Hound, Megatron reincarnated as Galvatron and voiced by Frank Welker, Drift from the IDW comics, the origins to the Transformers race and above all it's even got the Dinobots.
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Yeah.... the dinobots were in it for about five minutes and did absolutely nothing
The movie was about an hour too long
Most of the 'action' scenes were direct copies of what had been done in previous movies.
The cgi, especially the transformations, was worse than in previous films.
All the autobots (especially Prime) were totally out of character and unlikable.
Galvatron did nothing
Prime got rocket boots somehow
Too many sub plots were introduced and none of them satisfactorily resolved
Why did Lockdown need to work with humans in the first place?
And Prime killed a human in cold blood. That should never happen.
The human characters were one-dimensional, stereotypical and annoying
The editing was terrible. Scene cuts happened way too quickly.
The dialogue (although better than previous films) was just...ugh.

This movie was less offensive and juvenile than previous films, but because of that, I had no emotional response to it at all. I got bored half way through. It was three hours of ten second clips of unrelated rubbish thrown together to sell the maximum amount of toys.
Still, the second best Bayformers film I guess.
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confusedkangaroo Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist
Hi! Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading all of your nuzlockes. They are really funny yet heartfelt as well. Legacy is great too (you won me over simply by having kangaroos in there!). Well done! :D (Big Grin)  (Even though as you're a teacher, I wonder how you get the time to do these things.)
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thank you so much ^^

Well I only work part time, which gives me lots of time for other things XD
confusedkangaroo Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist
Now it makes sense! It's only because I know some teachers in my life and the amount of work they have to do... Hooray for having time! You're welcome, you clearly put a lot of effort into your work!
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Yeah, I only work the minimum required time for me to make enough money to pay my mortgage and whatnot. I don't care about being rich XD
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