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Legacy Page 121 by kitfox-crimson
Legacy Page 121



Am I pushing it with this lemur dialogue? People still getting the jist of what they are saying? I hope so CX

Man, I thought this page would be a nightmare to draw with all the almost identical panels full of machines... but it was actually pretty quick...suspiciously quick... I bet I forgot some major part of the art or something... ah well I won't be able to remember what that is until I upload it and it's too late.

That cargo container looks like a loaf of bread... that wasn't actually intentional, I just thought it needed some more interesting shaping other than a box.  CX

Centro D
Commission for :iconcentro: of his character on the left there in the big suit and :iconsilverfurredkage: on the right. Thin out their numbers!

Hope this is okay. I added the holographic flag in the background, but at full opacity it overshadowed the rest of the pic so I turned it down. I could turn it up again or off completely as additional options.

Starcraft (c) Inclement Weather Conditions Entertainment
Legacy Page 120 by kitfox-crimson
Legacy Page 120



Now that we've seen an establishing shot of the city... we will never see it in wide screen again XD

As I tend to do these days, I've uploaded a page that really works much better if the one after it is read directly after... I'll have to make sure I do another page tomorrow ^__^
But if it's not clear yet, Amethyst hacked the lemur registration system through an ATM and erased the record of the truck she just stole. And the two lemurs don't seem too distressed about the rat vehicle because they didn't really see it properly, and wouldn't recognise it as a rat vehicle anyway because it isn't black ^^

Legacy Page 119 by kitfox-crimson
Legacy Page 119



Is it too late to go back to the desert? Ugh why did I do this....

Anyway yes, new place! The humid thing kind of comes from my visit to Fiji when I got out of the taxi and it was like opening the door of a dishwasher that had just finished. My glasses had never been so foggy.
It's a good thing these guys are from a hot climate anyway so it's just the humidity they need to deal with.

Legacy Page 118 by kitfox-crimson
Legacy Page 118



Yeah, numbats have freaky long tongues. Look it up. Been waiting a while to put this frame in here CX I guess they're like tiny, tiny Australian ant eaters.

This page isn't great because for some reason... the tablet or photoshop were playing up, all the settings of the brushes were screwwy, and I couldn't see the size of the brushes when they were on the screen. Thank goodness I do most of this in Open Canvas then.

That was also the reason why I did a page of this and not the last commission I need to finish. I want to do those things properly.

Pinkie by kitfox-crimson

When I rule the world, Deviantart journal titles will be able to fit five more letters so I can title things as intended.

Because I am a terrible slacker, I haven't gotten around to mentioning this until now, even though it's been completed for over a month  >___<
But now that I'm kinda maybe a bit more into MLP now than I was weeks ago, I shall share this awesome thing with the world, just in case you didn't already know about it!
The radical and talented :iconmyjamjar: organised and created a dubbed and stylised video version of the MLP vs Transformers comic I made over a year ago.

 Transformers vs My Little Pony page 1 by kitfox-crimson

It's in four parts, has very impressive voice acting, sequencing and sound effects. It was such an awesome feeling to see the comic I'd made be brought to life like this, and he and his friends did a fantastic job!

So if you wanted to check it out, here is the first part! The other parts follow in succession.


So yes, so stoked about this! Thanks again myjamjar for all your hard work! And sorry it took me so long to get back to you about it  0__0
Because this has reinspired me, I am making plans for a sequel to this comic, featuring Queen Chrysalis, transformation cogs, Discord, a pony trip to Cybertron... and all sorts of shenanigans.

Now to see how my clones are coming along so I actually have the time to do it...

Flip peace on the space side, my tramspanners!

Oh and PPPPPS, commissions are now closed, wa-hey!


Something about myself

Current Residence: My house
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic Metal
MP3 player of choice: Soundwave
Favourite cartoon character: Dreamer from the animals of farthing wood

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Doing well, keeping busy. Working a security job which pays the bills while i continue to do freelance art and such on the side. 
Otherwise not too much else. Still single, haven't found that some one yet. Totally stoked for Star Wars VII The Force Awakens! 
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R u gonna do a nuzlocke page in the next century
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