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Legacy page 66 by kitfox-crimson
Legacy page 66

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I guess if Brianna is Sherlock Holmes, then Pipa is smart Watson and Bray is stupid Watson. Although That's not the case because as you'll see, Brianna is actually quite incorrect and oblivious in many many cases. Especially about the neural flare.

But yeah, I'm glad to FINALLY be getting to the stuff that was set up in the first ruin they went into. I think the way I put that previous page panel in here is a bit awkward looking... but I wasn't sure how else to do it.

Elevenses by kitfox-crimson
So, it was our good friend :iconcassandrajames:'s birthday party yesterday and I drew this lil' ol' card. I think it may require some explaining.

Elevenses is a card game we played the last time we met up. The aim of the game is to put on the perfect morning tea, while ensuring the disaster of everyone elses. The cards are very bright and cheerful, and on the surface it looks like a nice, innocent game, but that is only a cover for the true bitchyness that invariably ensues. It's an awesome game. So yeah, obviously it requires a motion picture blockbuster.

We didn't play this particular game at the party yesterday, but we did play Avalon, Werewolf and Cards Against Humanity, which are all awesomly awesome when there are like...15 people all playing at once. Plus A.J. made a fantastic cake.
Legacy page 65 by kitfox-crimson
Legacy page 65
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That second last panel was supposed to be covered in text basically, and so I'd only drawn a rough background just in case anything could be seen through it. But then of course I liked the panel so tried my best not to cover anything up CX Hookturn's face was pretty special in the bottom right corner there... maybe it's for the best that it was covered up.

So close to story progression! So close!

Legacy page 64 by kitfox-crimson
Legacy page 64

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Thanks for being patient through these flashbacks! This is the last one, I promise! The story actually starts progressing very quickly after this. I mainly decided to put the flashbacks here, while they are traveling and have nothing to do but talk, because soon there will be no time for that kind of thing XD
Sherlock Holmes 3 by kitfox-crimson
Sherlock Holmes 3
Previous: Sherlock Holmes 2

This was actually the first one I did, and is based on an event in the very first Sherlock Holmes story, but I later decided it was a bit lame and didn't want it as the first one in the line.

So yeah, Holmes permanently kills Watson's dog in the book. What a dick.
 photo When_Facing_Predaking____by_EHeroFlareNeos.jpg

I had meant to finish off some art last night, but instead, my life unexpectedly became complete. The last two parts of my 3rd Party Predaking "Feral Rex" arrived in the mail and I spent the evening doing something I have dreamed of since I was four years old... BUILDING THE MOST POWERFUL DECEPTICON EVER!

Let me start at the beginning. When I was four years old, I was a big fan of the Transformers cartoon show. This differs from the present day only in that I was shorter and blonder then. One particular transformer was special for me. Five orange transformers with beast alt-modes combined to form him. His name was Predaking. I remember very clearly the short montage clip that would play in between some of my video taped episodes depicting how much of an absolute badass Predaking was. The words "He can lift five hundred tonnes without even straining a circuit" are permanently etched into my brain.

He was, without a doubt, the coolest, strongest and scariest transformer ever. When he showed up in an episode, you knew shit was about to get real. Maybe more real than you could handle.

 photo Predaking_primatives.jpg

For my fifth birthday, I wanted only one thing: The Predaking toy. Not only was he huge in the show, he was the only combiner at the time that portrayed his stature in toy form as well. One limb of Predaking was as big as practically any other transformer out there. I could only imagine how big the whole toy must be. If you owned Predaking, you were done. Everything else would just seem lack-lustre after that.

Sadly, it was not to be. My dad did everything in his power to get Predaking for me, and he almost succeeded. He phoned every toy store in Australia trying to find the elusive and fundamental piece of the puzzle: The body of Predaking, the lion robot, Razorclaw. This was a few years after the toy had been released to stores, and it turned out, Razorclaw was now no longer available anywhere.

 photo razorclaw.jpg

I think my dad was nearly as shattered as I was. For years he would regale the tale of his fruitless quest. I nodded along empathetically each time. Being the saint that he is, though, he got me one part of Predaking, a leg. The bull Tantrum would forever be one of my favorite transformers, but also a reminder of what could have been. I would transform him into his leg form and try to picture the rest of Predaking being attached to him. As well as Tantrum, my dad also got me Powermaster Prime for my fifth birthday. As far as consolation prizes go, that was pretty epic. As you can see, I still have both toys, and fully complete too. (Except for Prime's tiny Powermaster 'I.Q.' whom I lost almost immediately. But that's powermasters for you.)

 photo 4-1.jpg

Powermaster Prime became the centrepiece of my transformers collection for years to come. (Until fourth grade when I got a second hand Metroplex) But through all those years, like a shadow hanging over them both, I knew there was one transformer, one missed opportunity, that would have dwarfed them.

 photo 2-1.jpg

This brings me to two years ago. Being a reasonably highly paid adult, and with reissues from Hasbro, I could have easily obtained an original mould Predaking at any time. But that train had sailed. It wouldn't be the same. Toys like that only have significance if they were there with you as you grew up. They need memories attached to them. A G1 Predaking would just be a giant orange brick to me now. Plus, I would have two Tantrums.

That was when I discovered three Predakings in the works from unofficial 3rd Party companies. The early pictures and digital mock-ups were stunning. They had the size and proportions of cartoon Predaking, with the detail and articulation of modern toys. I know I just said that a toy without memories attached is meaningless, but this is something different. These Predakings returned me to my 4 year old self. They reawakened the wonder that I once had. It wasn't nostalgia, it was RELIVING the awe I had experienced as a child at seeing Predaking for the first time. They were that good.

The one that made an impression on me the most was the biggest and best one. It was named Feral Rex, and was made by a company called Mastermind Creations. I preordered the five seperate 'Feralcons' as they became available, and started my long vigil as they slowly trickled in.

 photo 5-1.jpg

I guess it was about a year and a half ago that the first one arrived. By a strange quirk of fate, it was Tantrum (or his 3rd Party name, Bovis); the only Predacon I actually ever owned from the original toy. Many months after that, the next piece had still not been released. There were questions rasied about whether the third party company would ever actually complete thier combiner. I couldn't believe the irony of this. Was I destined to only ever own the same one piece of Predaking for all eternity??!!

 photo 1-1.jpg

Finally the next piece, Ramhorn (Fortis) arrived, and then Razorclaw (Leo Dux), the transformer who had thwarted me all those years ago!
After a long silence, suddenly the last two pieced became available simultaneously! The direct transfer from my credit card that this caused couldn't have come at a worse time. We were already struggling for money after some huge bills, and now we were overdrawn! In another cosmic twist of fate, my Dad came to the rescue with some lending money. Perhaps because, if not for my lack of Predaking when I was five, I wouldn't even be in this trouble now? Who knows!

 photo 3-1.jpg

But anyway, the shipping was very fast and last night, to the groovin' sounds of my Beatles CD, I ripped open the packaging in euphoric, child-like glee. All cares about the world faded away as finally, carefully, I combined each of the five individual robots into the ultimate gestalt form; the most powerful force, the effing majetic entity, PREDAKING!

 photo 6-1.jpg

I just thought I would share this amazing moment with you all. I'm probably the only one that actually cares, but it's one of the reasons I haven't been updating as quickly. The other reason is that I've been going to the doctors and radiologists a bit to find out what is wrong with my hips and back. The news wasn't terrible, but not terribly good either. But who cares right? I've got PREDAKING!

 photo 7-1.jpg

Sorry about these photo's. They're the best I managed to do at the time. I notice I even have the legs around the wrong way on Predaking, and there are some faces showing through at the knees. Oh well. Guess I was too excited. I tried to put in a few references to key Predaking moments and also show the scale of this figure. It's absolutely enormous. As he sodding well should be. These pictures also show some glimpses into what it's like at our house. Let's see... Pokemon, Transformers, X-Wing, Vanguard, Ozy and Millie, Warhammer.... yeah that about covers it.


Something about myself

Current Residence: My house
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic Metal
MP3 player of choice: Soundwave
Favourite cartoon character: Dreamer from the animals of farthing wood

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yuri-the-cat Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Micgrol Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
During the 90s, were you aware of a show called Power Rangers? I thought I'd ask cause its celebrating it's 20th anniversary just now.
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014
Oh of course, that show was awesome. I always wanted Megazord toys but I never got any... sadness
Micgrol Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, I was very young when I saw it. I think it my have been my first experience of Mecha.  I only watched the show to see the Megazords fight in the 3rd act. For some strange reason, seeing two guys in costumes fighting each other  with cheesy practical effects always puts a smile on my face. I did get the original Megazord but I too was torn from not getting the next set after that. Now I completely regret throwing them away. :(

Speaking of toys I think my auntie up in north Scotland did once owned an original Metroplex model. It's only a pity that I learned who Metroplex was 15 years later. To be fair, it was broken in half to begin with :p
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014
I think almost all metroplexes are now broken in half. They have rediculously fragile waist joints for the size of their upper bodies. I myself broke mine in half when I dropped it off a shed roof thinking it would be okay CX

At first I didn't even know the zords were just guys in suits. I was a pretty naive kid CX
Micgrol Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Have you seen the 2014 Godzilla movie at all?
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014
Yeah.....meh.... I think I actually liked the 1990's one better. At least that one was fun, you got to see actual action and the human characters weren't redundant and idiotic.
Micgrol Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Fair enough ,but you forgot that the movie had Matthew "that's alot of fish" Brodrick, the Simpsons crew and a giant Iguanna. But to be fair even the original Godzilla movies in Japan weren't the greatest either. At least the 2014 Godzilla looked more like the original.

The funny thing is that movie pissed Toho off so much that they took the rights back from the US and called that creature Zilla.…

Personally I agree with you. You didn't get to see any action until the very end of the movie and that only lasted a few minutes.
I didn't like the humans characters that much, EXCEPT Bryan Cranston. In my opinion, they were quite bland and it made the immature adults in Gundam AGE look the more mature. 
I remember me and some friends went off to see that film and we all got absolutely annoyed by the cutaways when Godzilla was about to fight. Do you know what the very sad thing is? Michael Bay's Transformers despite how very bad they are, they did show their action all the way.

Hope you don't mind all this text, I've just got a lot to say about it.:p
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
Yeah it's pretty funny how Toho bought the rights just so they could show Zilla being killed off by the real Godzilla. They were much happier with the new movie.

If you can call incomprehensible spinning and copy/pasted explosions 'action' then I guess. But yeah the cutaways were annoying in Godzilla. I guess they did that on purpose so it would focus more on the humans, but if they wanted to do that, then they should have made the humans interesting.

The whole set up with the father and all that at the start was totally redundant since they just killed him off and all his knowledge was lost. They should have not had the bomb squad guy at all and just had the scientist dad all the way through. Also, of all the memorable Godzilla enemies they could use, they chose some stupid generic bug things
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nauth Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How you make you "Next" and "Prev" buttons for the Nuzlocke Comics? cant find a quick way to link the reader through the comic pages.

Man! i Wish Deviantart would patch a "Comic Submission" option
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