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Hi plate spinners,

First of all, an appology for my inactivity recently. I have a tendency to become inactive suddenly and with no explanation and it seems I've done it again. Oh well, I'm not doing a nuzlocke right now, so who cares, right?

But Yeah school has started back up again so I've been flat-chat getting stuff organised, also I've been going on road trips to Warmachine tournaments (picked up best painted army award) and playing a lot of tabletop battle games. Also painting miniatures. As I've said before, I'm a bit addictive with things like that and tend to get stuck on something until I have it out of my system. Comics should return soon.

But one thing I've managed to finally get right is the print edition of Industrial Revelations. I've been working on it for month and a half! I consider it to be one of my better comics, and thought the subject matter deserved a hard copy release, so yes this is my first hard cover book ^__^

Edit: Not sure why these pictures are sideways, they're not in photobucket. Blegh.

 photo P1010383.jpg

When the test copy arrived in the mail I was astonished at the quality of it. It has a very nice dust jacket and a gold embossed, blue hard cover underneath. I feel so acomplished now CX

 photo P1010384.jpg

You can see an error caused by the inconvenient barcode. This is fixed. Also the inside dust jacket pictures have been fixed.

 photo P1010386.jpg

Unfortunately, being hardcover, it is a bit more expensive than the nuzlockes. The minimum cost Lulu would let me sell it for is $31, but that's not too bad when you consider that it is 300 pages long.

 photo P1010385.jpg

The interior pages are a bit higher quality than the nuzlocke comics since I scanned all these pages in at a much larger size. Also there are six pages at the end of concept art.

 photo P1010387.jpg

But yeah, this is a thing now, so if you didn't hate the story and might care to have it in hardcover solid matter as it was intended to be, head on over to
Available online to any country in the galaxy.

 photo P1010388.jpg

In other news, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I hope you have many happy commercialisms and perhaps love. Check out that tiny heart on a stick behind this terrible picture of me. And the pink glasses. I'm so romantic.
I'm also wearing my Vetruvian Ozy shirt today. I freakin' idolise the Ozy and Millie comic. So great.

 photo 5cdb6995-cb04-4cf6-9b88-25762405f387.jpg

See y'all!


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Kodimarto 1 day ago   Filmographer
Omg, you have ponies in your comic now? :D They've gotten to you too? I'm a 50% Brony.
It's a stand alone comic about a crossover between mlp and transformers ^^
Kodimarto 1 day ago   Filmographer
Cool. :) i could give you some suggestions if you like.
KendallCollins 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Would like to come up with suggestions for this engines paint job:…
Hi kitfox do you know af there are more than one trap of nuzlockes
Like hard mode and et
InfiniteRiver 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
When making a comic, how wide/long do you suggest the strip to be?
800 pixels wide is what I usually go for ^^
InfiniteRiver 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :). I feel like you need a Q+A somewhere so you don't have new Nuzlockers like me pestering you on a daily basis.
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