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March 7, 2013
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My Dust Warfare Axis Army by kitfox-crimson My Dust Warfare Axis Army by kitfox-crimson
Just in case you were wondering what I did when I wasn't teaching high school, drawing nuzlocke comic pages, playing games, hanging with buddies, drinking, getting married or going on holidays, I paint the miniatures and play the tabletop game of Dust Warfare. (Oh yeah and sometimes I sleep I guess) I have a headache today and didn't want to draw so I decided to do a photo shoot instead.

I play Dust mostly on Sundays with my friend :iconthezidane: and a few others, and it's great fun. It's sort of taken over from Infinity and Malifaux which were the games I played a year or so ago. It's set in an alternate WW2 setting. It's 1947 and the war hasn't ended. Hitler was assassinated and the Nazis are no more, but the Axis powers as well as the Allied forces and the Soviets are all still vying for control of the world. Mixed in with this is some alien technology that reshaped the war, introducing mecha technology as well as some other more sinister things. The game plays hard and fast with various innovative tactical mechanics thrown in to add some spice.

This pic is enormous and I'm sorry about that, but I thought it would be better to have it all on one page so there was only one page you needed to ignore if you didn't care to look. If you do go so far as to click on it, I do appologise again because the order of the stuff could have been a bit better. I left some of the cooler stuff 'till the end instead of putting it at the top.

Oh yeah, I play Axis, obviously. Will plays Soviets with a little bit of Allies and Zack is playing Allies. This is clearly not my best painting work, but I was going for a more realistic, beaten, rough and ready look. That scenery is standard Dust scenery which, like the rest of the miniatures line, is rediculously cheap. The proportions of the miniatures are great, and they fit perfectly in with 1/48 scale model kits so you can use any WW2 vehicles or troops you can find the kits of in your model store.

The focus seems to be a bit weird on these pictures, but that's okay I guess. See if you can find the Colonel Klink and Shultz custom jobs I did! Oh and I sooo love the walkers. They look great. I'm rambling now because the file is taking ages to submit and I'm waiting... waiting. Oh yeah I had a spare Lara model so I converted the spare into Julia Gillard.
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PKBChaz Featured By Owner May 29, 2014…

As a fellow Dust player, I thought you may like to see this
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
oh yes, I am following that closely ^^

My friend and I are probably going to hit that hardcore in a few days
PKBChaz Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
I'm glad
Sadly I lack the funds in supporting this (Gotta save up for other more important things)
But I can not wait to get the Soviet set! The new tank (Joseph Stalin) Looks scary as hell
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
the tanks are all scary so this will probably be no exception.

and what could possibly be more important than Dust? XD
PKBChaz Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
Good old soviet tanks

Well... you see.. I also play warhammer 40K and I'm a Tyranids player so... yeah
But I'm saving up and I'm getting some of the steel Guard 
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner 3 days ago
steel guard look amazing. Almost tempted to go the soviets just for them CX
PKBChaz Featured By Owner 2 days ago
>:3 yes, come to the red side!
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Da comrade!
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PKBChaz Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
This is awesome
I'm a soviet player myself and I've been looking up some examples before I start painting them
You have an eye for detail my friend! 
kitfox-crimson Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
thank you very much ^^ This is a great game indeed CX My friends SSU comes up against these guys quite often ^^
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